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Coldplay Music Of The Spheres World Tour In Theaters April 19 and 23

Music Of The Spheres World Tour concert, filmed during their sold out, ten night run at Buenos Aires’ River Plate stadium at the end of last year will be released in theaters April 19 and 23.

The screening will give the band’s global fanbase the chance to experience Coldplay’s acclaimed Music Of The Spheres World Tour live show, which has sold more than 6 million tickets and attracted rave reviews from fans and critics alike: with The Guardian calling it “genuinely stunning”, the New York Post describing it as “a night for the history books” and the Glasgow Evening Times heralding it as “the greatest show on Earth”.

The film includes a host of footage which wasn’t shown during the live broadcast, when it screened in a record-breaking 81 countries (topping box office charts around the world). The cinema presentation will also include an exclusive behind-the-scenes short film featuring new interviews with the band.

The concert sees the band perform classic hits from across their career including Yellow, The Scientist, Fix You, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full Of Stars and My Universe in a stadium bursting with lights, lasers, fireworks and LED wristbands. It also features guest appearances from multi-Grammy winner H.E.R., and Jin of BTS, who performs alongside Coldplay for the live debut of his record-breaking single The Astronaut.

In addition to standard cinema formatting, Coldplay – Music Of The Spheres: Live At River Plate will be released in CJ 4D Plex’s premium film formats, ScreenX, 4DX and 4DXScreen. In ScreenX, which delivers a truly immersive experience that puts audiences in the front row with a 270-degree field of view and exclusive imagery, audiences will feel like they are watching Coldplay live in concert. In the multi-sensory 4DX, audiences will experience unique motion with synchronized seats timed to Coldplay’s hit songs and environmental effects that reproduce the atmosphere of a live concert. The 4DXScreen experience is a combination of both ScreenX and 4DX in the same cinema delivering a one-of-a-kind cinema experience.

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